Your “Brand” – The Merging of Personal & Professional

In today’s world our Internet lives are woven together, all tangled up. The professional and personal flows like a wave out from the individual and merges with the whole. People who interact with you either online or in person do so because they like you or you have something to say in which they find value. I wanted the “eye” in my logo because as a photographer I looked at my subjects differently than anyone else and the moments I spent with them were mine alone and could never be shared, except through the final image. As the creative beings we are, people have new eyes to see; whether we are viewing a person, place or thing. Rather than bemoan a world of smart phones and digital cameras I think it is exhilarating to experience the world through a million people, each communicating their moments.

When I developed my logo with Zard we layered it on top of words like “communicate, beauty, art, music, ideas, video, thoughts, brilliant, and new media because these are the things that feed my soul and ventures. This blog explores how the humanities, elegant design, and beauty merged with technology gives people new opportunities through self expression. The changing world of digital publishing and entrepreneurship are integrated through communication across social media using words, images, and consistent “branding” — visual communication of values and choices.


Reinvention So Cal Style

I moved to California four weeks ago. I travel between here, Jamaica and Florida. I’m lucky to have homes in both Duncans, Jamaica and Hobe Sound, Florida. Here in So Cal, I have an opportunity to spend time with my family and “reinvent myself” while marketing my new e-book/digital music guide, written with Fureus, “Island Voices Reggae and New Jamaican Music.” I’m creating this site and blog to feature my portfolios and enable me to link to Pinterest and other social media in an integrated fashion independent of my consulting and publishing site, Universal Eye Media.  I’ll be writing about the adventure of marketing the book and sharing information for authors. As a devotee of digital publishing, I’m building documents for the iPad and tablets that are really individual apps for people – articles or magazines that are personalized and specific. The pundits have talked a long time about “media convergence” but now it is truly happening as we can create apps and documents that combine video, websites, photography and writing into elegant and beautiful documents that are pieces of art. I’ll be helping writers, artists, musicians and business people to forward their individual and personal goals with new media. I’m connecting with lots of eclectic and electric people. Truly, the vibe and geography is different than the east coast. I’m told the energy is conducive to innovation and open communication. So far it feels that way.

Abstract Image Blue Light Curving
Blue Light Sculpture Pechanga Casino